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right here waiting

right here waiting

是"wherever you go‘吧 意思是无论你去哪里

你好,这首歌名叫right here waiting for you,歌词如下,希望采纳,谢谢! oceans apart day after day and i slowly go insane i hear your voice on the line but it doesn't stop the pain if i see you next to never how can we say foreve...

Right Here Waiting!

Right here waiting 此情可待 (*^__^*) 嘻嘻……

wherever you go 网络 无论你去哪里; 无论你在何地; 无论你去到何方; 无论你在哪里; 无论你去何地; [例句]Rely on the party and the masses, and you will succeed wherever you go. 依靠党,依靠群众,工作就无往不利。

该歌曲是:right here waiting 歌名:Right here waiting 歌手:Richard Marx 专辑:《repeat offender》 发行时间: 1989年04月26日 歌词: Oceans apart day after day 隔海相思,日复一日 And I slowly go insane 我逐渐陷入疯狂 I hear your...

all one 的 i will be right here 歌词 wherever you go, whatever you do, whenever you need me how can i say how much you've done for me how much i have just knowing i had you you touched my world and i'll never be the same you to...

right here waiting 歌手:right here waiting 专辑:richard marx Ocean apart day after day And I slowly go insane I hear your voice on the line But it doesn't stop the pain If I see you next to never How can we say forever Wherev...

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